Ipix Epic Moments

Ipix Epic Moments is the wedding film division of Ipix movies that is specially crafted to capture the most memorable moments of one’s life and convert it into a beautiful visual that will remain with you as a memory for life. In that way, you get to experience these epic moments of your life, time and again.

We Cover weddings, special personalized events, and memorable occasions, in a way that we almost live the same experience as you do through the day or days. We attempt at covering the most candid, special and heartfelt moments, with our own creative eye and technical expertise.

We believe that every one has a story and every story is interesting enough to be told. That is where we bring in all our energy and passion towards capturing the best of your story and showcase it to your world.

We are free and open to customise our work as per your story, culture and ideas to bring out Our best visuals together.

If you believe and like what we do, give us a shout and one of our Line Producers will get in touch with you, and if possible meet you over a cup of coffee to discuss your special moments and showcase more of our work.

Key Points of Operations:

  • Started operations with a laptop & rented equipment in 2014, with a mid scale wedding in Hyderabad. As of 2017, we have our own full-fledged studio with 5 workstations, equipment of our own & have the experience of having shot over 60 weddings in 5 countries.

  • Have worked with award winning photography & cinematography crew for our projects.
  • Currently active operations in Mumbai (India) & Nairobi (Kenya)

Our Work


Ipix Epic Moments, hereby referred to as IEM, basically is a creative production company. We love to film, create ideas out whatever small or big we get.
IEM, specializes in weddings, special days, capturing real life stories (Love or Hate) and put it across on Reel, just so that you know, that you are a super star in a film called life. We work with our best capabilities in order to create a memory that will live with you forever.

We are always more than eager to show you what we do. You can find a glimpse of our work at the on the work section of this page. Else you could also click here.

Since this is of a major concern to everyone, Read this carefully. Marriage, is a huge social representation of kinds. It’s a day that families dream of like they would dream of to bring a child to the world or raise a family. So People look forward to making this count, making this memorable. The bride, groom, and their families spend a lot of time thinking how suitable would the perfect venue be, how would the décor look, What kind of flowers you would use. What would the food be like. The dress, outfits, the make up artist, the hair, the look. Months and Months go into planning this, budgeting this and finally executing this. Since it’s all about the moment. Well, true, people from all around come, get together and wait to live this moment. But what happens when this moment passes by. What would it be like, to not remember how magical the moment was. Which is where we come in.  We come in to make sure that Epic Moment lasts forever, so that you, and your loved ones can relive it time and again. Having said that, it is certainly understood, that this aspect of your wedding deserves the least amount of compromise or secondary choices. It is as important as your outfit or even more, as you can only cherish your out fit the most when you see a perfect video of you in it. Similarly the Wedding film just brings out the best of all your aspects of the wedding. Therefore to make it worthwhile we have a team of extremely experienced and talented set of technicians and filmmakers to create this memory for you. Our films could cost anywhere between 2 Lacks to 20 Lacks depending on how extensive you want the approach and execution to be. Trust us with what we wish to do for your film, and we would all be smiling and sometimes crying (tears of joy though) at the final screening of a film which will live forever.
We all know when there is no time, and need a quick fix, you wish to have maggi, which takes just two minutes to cook. And then you have well cooked, well baked dishes, like a pizza, a pasta, or a biryani. You literally plan your wedding for over 3 months, just so that everything falls in place over those three days. Therefore Please give us the time to create something wonderful, so that the memories live with you forever.  The process is similar to that of a movie. Pre Production, Production and Post Production. It’s a full proof real time process. The average working period is about 50 days. The wedding event might get over in 3, 4 or 5 days, and then its done. We go through each and every moment time and again to be able to create something that lives with you forever.

So you would hear from us within the first month itself regarding the trailer and get the first cut for the same.

We all have a different perspective, and that is something we definitely respect. We come on board, because it’s your choice. You bring us on board, because you believe that we could create something unique for you.

Yet you could have some changes that you think need to be done. Therefore we create and arrange a presentation day with you once our first cut is ready before the finalization of the film. You can watch the film, make notes on whatever you wish to change, and inform us.

We do our best to get all of these changes done. In case you need time to get it approved by some more family members, we suggest you to take a couple of days, if they cant make it to the presentation, and give us all the necessary changes at once, as that would avoid the to and fro process between us. Rather in that much time, we would finish off all the changes.

We are primarily a wedding film company, since visual content production is our forte. Although we do have a set of very talented photographers who work in affiliation with us under our brand capacity to deliver the photography services to you.  We have photographers based over different cities across the globe with various styles and budgets.  As a wedding film company, we help facilitate this for you based on your requirement, no. of guests, description of work needed such as candid or traditional. The number of pictures that are delivered is something our line producer would discuss with you at the time of briefing and this is entirely based on factors such as the number of guests, the duration of the events etc. When it comes to Candid or Traditional, it’s just a matter of perspective. We love to capture an epic moment without obstructing an ongoing activity, and we also love to click when people pose for the camera.  That’s what makes it a candid or a so-called traditional moment, although we don’t term our photography or videography, we just go out there & capture.
The wedding films could last 4 minutes or could last 4 hours. We like to spend several man hours filming and then editing footage to create the perfect wedding

Film, but this is entirely based on a collective thought of what you want and what we can create. We like to make Films Fun, Memorable, Detailed and at the same time, crisp, interesting and unique. The Same mindset is what is applied to the trailers, which is a much shorter glimpse for you & friends all over to reminisce what those couple of days of your wedding were all about in a nutshell.

Well, We come on board with a full board set of things needed to make your wedding film, unique and memorable. We work as a family from the day we come on board and would need your support to the extent that we would have all the necessities to make this nearly perfect. We need you to fill up a detailed form, available on the “Book us Now” page which helps us plan our shoot, and we also need you to spend some time in helping us know the couple a little better.  If the Filming is in another city away from Bombay, you would need to make arrangements to get us there & find us a place to stay.