Shubh Mukherjee is an accomplished content creator, actor, photographer, and filmmaker. Started capturing stories at the age of 17, his 15-year well crafted career is marked with numerous achievements in the creative field and has been appreciated by people internationally. His journey started as an assistant director in bollywood movies & then later decided to travel the globe, crafting real life into amazing videos. During this journey, He has had the experience of making brand films, documentaries, music videos & a one of a kind travel series called #Tripwithme gathering global fans and an incredible reach. Not just his presence, but his stories are what drive an influencing impact on its audience.

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Being an avid traveler since childhood, Shubh Mukherjee had a deep passion for traveling with
a knack for telling stories about the human life experiences he witnessed. Travel became his
core strength and an ace game in creating content. He not only created content in India but flew
to more than 25 countries (and still counting) to create epic content. As Shubh says, to make
something epic, one needs to expand his vision, breaking the walls of barriers.

And during that course, he decided to cover his own country within 30 days nonstop! It hit the
internet like a storm leading to the formation of a travel community. His 30 days of #Tripwithme
India gained worldwide recognition with a massive fan following.He inspired many others to start
their journey of travel and can say he was the pioneer to do this.


When it comes to his camera and gear, Shubh is very particular. Shubh likes to experiment and
make a difference with each content he contributes. Shubh has worked with many cameras and
lenses and he has an eagle eye for it.

Many might be unaware but Shubh was the pioneer to fly FX3 on an FPV for a Sony
commercial. And that same commercial ‘The Cinematic Relay’ won the best cinematography
award at the Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival. His passion for art depicts through his work. He
is a brand ambassador for Oppo phones and ofcourse Sony trusts his vision to make him its
brand artisan for 5 years now!


Shubh Mukherjee is one of the finest storytellers to tell the brand stories in the country. In the
last few years, Shubh has been associated with multiple global brands and crafted some of the
most consumable content.

The process of creation is known to all, but the process to create something meaningful from
the most random thing is not easy, and that’s where Shubh comes into the picture. He is a man
with his craft crafted in detail! With every collaboration with the brands, Shubh makes sure that
he delivers only epic brand stories. Brands like Redbull, GoPro, BMW, UberEats are just a few